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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Chargeback Codes

Chargeback Codes

Your merchant account provider, will give you the chargeback code, as per the table listed below...

Chargeback Code Description

1 No support documentation wasreceived from previous request
2 The transaction information requested/required was illegible or missing
3 The transaction was declined or authorisation was not obtained
4 Other non Specific Reason
5 The transaction appears to be duplicated
6 The card was not valid or has expired
7 An incorrect card account number was processed
8 Fraudulent transaction processed - no cardholder authority
9 Additional transactions were processed at the same location without the cardholder's authority
10 This is a recurring transaction which has been cancelled
11 The card issuer was not provided with the amount of the transaction in the correct currency
12 The merchant did not obtain authorisation for an amount whichexceeds the ceiling limit
13 The goods/services received were not as described by the merchant
14 The cardholder does not recognise the transaction and is disputing it
15 The cardholder did not receive the goods/services
16 The goods received by the cardholder was damaged or defective
17 Multiple transactions at the same merchant outlet without thecardholder's permission
18 Merchant was unwilling or unable to provide the goods/services, or were paid by other me ns
19 A credit due from the merchant, was not received or received for a lesser amount
20 The transaction was processed incorrectly
21 The cardholder's signature was not obtained
22 An advanced deposit or reservation has been incorrectly administered
23 Documentation/information is required for legal reasons
24 A card-holder's signature is required to defend a Chargeback
25 The card-holder is querying the amount, please supply an itemised bill
26 An imprint of the card is required to defend a Chargeback
27 The card-holder requires details of the delivery
28 RFI Dispute unset due to time-out
29 RFI Dispute unset in preparation for Chargeback

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